This Sunday at St John’s

This Sunday was my first back as Celebrant and Preacher.  In spite of the summer vacation schedule and the threat of swooping Pterodactyls on the way to St. John’s, a good number of folks were in the pew to see if I have lost any sermonizing power.  You have an opportunity to review the notes for the sermon—you be the judge.

At both services I was pleased to announce that we have filled the Music Director position.  Ken Corneille brings a solid performance, composition and experience background to St. John’s.  He teaches both keyboard and voice and our committee and I were deeply impressed during our series of interviews and conversations.  We expect Ken to start early in September.  I want to thank Amy Luck, Lise Miller, Lois Hicks-Wozniak, Connie Stahl and Bob Krug for their work as the Recommendation Committee.

Jay reported that three projects from the Capital Campaign will begin ASAP.  Two of the lights in the nave will be removed, revamped and returned for our review and approval of the project.  Then all the remaining lights in the nave and chancel will be removed, revamped and re-installed.  We have been promised greater strength of light for reading and worship when the project is complete.  We expect this procedure to start late in September.  Also this fall toward the end of the paving season, our gravel parking areas and the main portion of the church parking lot will be paved.  Finally, we have one bid and will be seeking others to provide integrated fire detection in the church proper.  Our system will be connected to the Town so that there will be quicker response in case of a fire or smoke condition.

The major August program for the 150th Anniversary Committee was a wonderful concert and chicken barbeque.  Eddie and the Tailfins did a wonderful job and entertained not only those under the tent but many others who listened from their porches and yards.  The band’s leader is Andrew Stahl, Connie’s son.  Lois Hicks-Wozniak brought out her sax and ‘sat in’ for about 25 minutes.  The music was terrific.  The chicken was marvelous along with the sides.  There were great activities for the kids and a number of older members demonstrated they still have the moves during a rigorous game of Pick-up Sticks.  Laura Shear and Lois collaborated on the kid activities.  And there was all the watermelon you could eat.  Thank you to all who bought tickets.

I am away Thursday through Saturday at an EFM training session at Holy Cross Monastery in West Park.  Jay and Elaine will be able to get in touch with me.

Have a great week,

Fr. Tom.