Love Your Mother, Honor the Earth event


Love Your Mother, Honor the Earth
A River Blessing & Celebration with area Native American Groups

Co-hosted by Neetopk Keetopk, Cloudbreaker Drum, Red Feather Singers, Earth First, and
the Cornwall Youth Group.

When:    Sunday, May 14; 2-3 pm

Where: Kowawese at Plum Point (road uphill behind Bowling Time off US Rt 9W), on beach.

What:     A visit from local Native American groups with a history of public blessings and teaching/ environmental education on the Muhheakantuck (Hudson River) at a historic meeting place for tribes and settlers.  Will include songs, traditional dances, and other opportunities for families to engage some of our Native neighbors.  Earth First will be hosting a 4 pm environmental discussion in park nearby for those wishing to stay.

Contact Kieran 845-781-3706 for more information.