Wisdom is the principal thing, therefore get wisdom; and with all thy getting, get understanding. —Proverbs 4:7

At St. John’s we embrace the belief that Christian Formation begins young and continues through life. Our Sunday School provides interesting and informative education for children from Pre-K through junior high. Special classes are offered for First Communion (if the family desires) and Confirmation. Adult Education includes a Thursday evening gathering called Food for Thought which begins with dinner and continues with study and discussion, Education for Ministry (EFM), and a men’s Bible Study each Tuesday morning which focuses on the gospel lesson for the coming Sunday.

Christian Formation goes beyond the classroom and the discussion group and extends to our worship with the Book of Common Prayer. Its liturgies mold us through the cycle of life’s events. We gather as a community of faith, a family that makes itself vulnerable in the name of Jesus Christ. Together we learn God’s call to us in this present time and situation.