Everything belongs, including you!!!
Via Live Webcast
Friday, July 15 – Sunday 17, 2016

People have good reasons to be angry and afraid.

‘Racism, poverty, climate change, and so many other injustices are causing real suffering. But – we cannot fight violence with violence. Only the contemplative mind has the ability to hold light and dark together; only unitive consciousness allows transformation at the deepest levels.’ –Fr. Richard Rohr

The CONSPIRE 2016 conference brings together teachers who show us what is possible with our participation: reconciliation, healing, and wholeness.

Join Fr. Richard Rohr, Christena Cleveland, James Alison, and Mirabai Starr via live webcast at St. John’s Episcopal Church, Cornwall.

Please register by July 7th, 2016

Cost: a suggested donation of $25 for refreshments
Please contact us at:
with your name, email, and phone number

Checks made payable to St. John’s Episcopal Church, Memo: CONSPIRE 2016

For more information, including a schedule, view the CONSPIRE Brochure.