The Bishop is Coming! The Bishop is Coming!

A reminder that our Suffragan Bishop, Catherine Roskam, will be here this Sunday for the 10:45 and, possibly, the 9 am services. She will be meeting with the confirmands at 10 in the Cloister and with the Vestry in the choir after a quick bowl of chili at the brunch following the 10:45 service.

Healthy snacks after the 9 am service will be in the Cloister and the children will be led straight to class after the snacks. This is because we will be setting up tables for the brunch.

It is an important custom that donations be provided for the visiting bishop’s discretionary fund so that they have moneys to help those in need. There will be envelopes in the bulletins and in the pews to help you do this.

Despite the departure of Ken Corneille, we will have good, singable music at the 9 am and 10:45 services. Come and support our choir and our confirmands.